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"Why aren't you jealous (Name)cchi?~"

"It's because I'm not." But inside, I really am

"Aren't you afraid of the fangirls stealing me from you?~"

"No I'm not." I'm so afraid, I can't even voice it out

"Then have you always loved me (Name)cchi?" his voice is serious now, I can comprehend that he's been upset by my previous answers. I can't tell him my true feelings because it might be a hindrance to his career. Sighing, I stood up, ready to leave the classroom.

"Let's end this talk Kise-kun, I need to go home now." I grabbed my bag and began to walk when suddenly a hand had caught my arm.

"Why are you like this (Name)?" his gaze is casted on the floor, then he looked at me, straight in the eyes "Why are you cold to me?"

"I'm not. Please let go of my arm now."

"No! I want to hear you, I want your answer (Name)" he only calls me by my name when something's up, example is right now.

You see, me and Kise have a complicated relationship. I'm not a very showy-type of person, the complete opposite of Kise.

"Do you love me (Name)?" I can sense frustration in his voice

"Yes." I replied, trying to keep my calm, I don't want to be hindrance.

"You say you love me but act like you don't!" he tightened his grip on my arm, but not too tight to hurt.

"Then what do you want me to do?" I asked, my voice raised a little from my monotone one.

"Prove to me you love me." The look on his eyes means something

"H-how?" I replied, unsure of what he's planning to do.

"Well, for starters, kiss my cheeks." I then saw a grin on his face. He likes toying with me. I hate this. But at the same time, I like it.

Getting back my impassive face, I said "That's it?" giving him a smug look

"Oh no, that's only one."

I gulped thinking that there are still other things he wants me to do. Anyways, I moved closer to him and I can feel my blush resurfacing my face again. I breathed hard, and leaned forward, towards his cheek. I can hear the thumping of my heart. Get a grip (Name)! It's just a kiss on the cheeks, what are you getting flustered about all of a sudden? Sheesh.

I quickly and gently placed a kiss on his cheek. I leaned back to observe his face and saw him smiling sweetly at me.

"I never thought you'd actually do it." He is happy again. I can see the smile I love so much back on his face again. I let out a smile of my own. So does this mean we're okay again? I wonder.

"But as I said earlier, that's not the only thing I'll make you do." He was back to teasing me. I couldn't help the put forming on my lips. Seriously? I thought one kiss was enough. Sighing, I asked,

"Okay, what's it?"

"Be prepared for… this." He grabbed my chin, lifted it towards him and he leaned in, his lips touching mine. To say, I wasn't fully prepared for it, well scratch that, I kinda anticipated it. Good thing, my anticipation wasn't crushed.

I closed my eyes and he deepened the kiss. I placed my arms around his neck and his found my waist, resting his hands there.

Because we need oxygen, we parted, our face flushed from the kiss. Low pants were heard inside the classroom and I can hear my heart beat loudly. My feelings for this person is overwhelming.

"I … I … I lo-love you K-Kise…" I trailed, looking at the floor. "There, I said it!" I shouted awkwardly, my cheeks burning.

"It's the first time you have said that, I'm so happy." I can see some tears forming on the corners of his eyes.

I reached up to wipe it away "Silly you, you're such a cry baby Kise." I can feel my heart flutter knowing that he loves me as much as I love him.

"I love you (Name)cchi, forever and always! ~~" he flashed me a gentle smile, this is the first time I saw him smile like that. Not the smile he uses in his modelling career, but the smile he showed to me, only me.

And I love you too Kise Ryouta, forever and always.
Kise x Reader: Forever and Always
Woot woot! KnB season 3 is here huzzah! 
Have a Kise fluff dear readers ~

Hello! I decided to upload my Knb Drabbles here! A collection of reader x various oneshots! 
I'm ai-azurei from Fanfiction . net ~ 

I hope you enjoyed this fic! 


kahllie's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Literature
It's a pleasure having you here in my page! My name is Azurei Lee and I'm from the Philippines. Some people refer to me as Aire or Kon

I'm a journalist, a fanfiction writer, and your average cosplayer. I also like photography.

I hope to meet new friends with these hobbies of mine in the near future!
Hello there to anyone who's reading this! 

Last December, I already found out where I'll (probably) be studying for college. I passed my dream university! 8D 

Anyways, my Len Kagamine, ~ The Lost Memory ~ cos was my last cosplay for 2013. I also attended my country's year-ender convention, Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special. So if you saw a girl clad in white on day 2, that was probably me more or less XD

I'm not as often here in DA compared to fb, so feel free to check my page

I also made a 2013 cosplay compilation weee ~

And I also made a 2014 cosplan //flips wallet 

Well, that's pretty much about it XD

Happy New Year everyone! :)

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