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Uta x Reader: Mask
Uta! I like Uta, I should really be enjoying this thing. So don’t you worry, I’ll do my best to make Uta be Uta, and let the reader be happy as Uta’s lovely friend. More than friend, I should say. I hope you like this X Reader, because I’m probably going to fail. I’ll try!

   “What about this one?” (y/n) said cheerfully as she picked up a prototype mask from a nearby stand. It covered the entire face, and barely had any expression or facial markings. Uta scratched his head with his pencil and continued to sketch on the page he had been working on for the past hour.
   “No. I want it to bring out your eyes,” he said as he continued to scribble away with a neutral expression. (y/n) smiled. She had spent well over an hour there, chatting with him and getting to know each other like two new friends usually would. Once she had gotten past his somewhat intimidating appearance, (y/n)
:iconbluegrasshero:BlueGrassHero 56 11
Short Shorts and Bad Boys - Asahi
The kitchen swelled with heat. A liquid of light yellow brown mimicking slightly aged paper simmers in front of you. Wiping your sweat away you blew breath as if you were moving a pinwheel. Your shoulders lax as you took a moment of reprieve. The steam flushed your skin with its warmth as the scent wavered through corridors. Ladle in hand, you dipped your tool into the pot and tasted the soup base. You lick the sticky collagen that latched onto your lips and hummed with satisfaction. With a small smile that only revealed a fraction of your happiness, you gazed at the little creamy bits of floating pork fat. It was perfect.
Soft thunder patters curiously as his nose guides him through the house. Tantalizing and light, the fragrance of pork and ginger leap and pirouette through the air. Asahi had been ensnared by the artisan’s craft as he, in a trance, wandered towards the kitchen. Rounding the corner he saw your back. The plain white tee you wore was sticking to your figure, no do
:iconlilmissfanfic:LilMissFanfic 118 18
Quiet Jealousy - Uta x Reader {One-shot}
You threw up your legs carelessly on the table, nudging a cold cup of coffee aside; Uta’s workspace was cluttered. You lifted a foot to poke at the endless amount of tools hung before you, halting at the lilt of a familiar voice.
"(Name)-chan, please stop. I’d rather you screw around in someone else’s shop if you’re so bored.”
“Maybe I’ll go find a human to play with,” you drawled in return, inspecting your nails as Uta began to weave through the displayed masks, headed toward you.
"Humans are not to be toyed with," Uta scolded you quietly, pushing your shoes off his table with tentative fingers. He held up and scrutinized a pin and some tool with a flattened end, pointing it lazily in your direction. His red and black eyes bled mischief.
"You're not supposed to play with your food."
You chuckled lightly as he turned and leaned against the wood desk, pulling out his sketch pad from a drawer without looking. There stretched a comfortable s
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 1,108 96
Mature content
Levi x Reader Theme - One Hell of a Butler {2} :iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 161 70
Morning - Rin x Reader {Drabble}
You grinned at the ceiling as he drew circles on your bared stomach, fingers trailing a mischievous—and treacherous—path up your ribcage before lulling back to trace another circle around your navel. The surprisingly soft pads of his fingertips elicited a wave of goosebumps thralling over your skin, a thrilling chill quickly replaced by warmth.
Rin’s exuberant cardinal red eyes rimmed your vision as he popped his head up, lips pulled back to reveal a sharp smile. You returned his simper with your own, craning your neck to steal his upturned lips in a chaste kiss before melting into your bed again. Rin sighed and laid his head on your stomach, splaying his fingers along either side of your ribcage, making you practically squirm in anticipation of his next move.
“Hey, quit moving. I’m not going to do anything special right now.”
You blushed and thrust your head to the side to deal your boyfriend an irritated scowl, directing it at the ceiling again, yo
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 224 18
Sleepless Night - Eren x Reader {One-shot}
You were restless.
The hour you usually grew tired by came and passed, yet your exhaustion was far from you. Your mind was still whirring with the whereabouts of day, actively searching out a distraction for your piqued alertness.
You sat in your bed, staring at the ceiling. No one else in your household was awake, and you found the thought almost depressing. No one to entertain you, to talk, to joke around, to sit in an equilibrium of pleasant silence, even.
Your eyes slid along the walls until they fell upon the dormant screen of your phone, laying vacant only inches from your outstretched fingertips.
To: Jaeger-Bomb
Subject: Halp

I’m bored.

You stared with pursed lips at the illuminated address on your phone until those ellipsis popped up on the screen, making your eyes widen and lips pull up in a smile.
From: Jaeger-Bomb
Subject: Halp

Nice to meet you Bored, I’m FUCKING TIRED.

A gi
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 102 19
Morning - Sosuke x Reader {One-shot}
The hiss of rain rose to a dull roar, faltering again, mounting again, inconsistent waves of downpour riding on fierce winds. The sky moaned and mumbled, suddenly breaking out in a horrific scream, sounding as if it were tearing itself in half with the violent, shuddering impact of it's voice.
You watched teardrops trek down the panes of your windows before they succumbed to a larger, feral torrent that beat on your house, demanding entry but slipping fruitlessly away at the beg of a fresh collision.
Though the storm raged on ferociously around you, you watched on with keen, intrigued eyes, purely enamored with the courtesy of nature taking it's own heed.
The casual, warm, serene mornings you usually enjoyed were rudely interrupted, but you didn't mind. And apparently, neither did your still-slumbering husband. You applauded his perseverance in the dream world.
You sat against the headboard and continued to watch the entourage of rain as it continued its irrational current. Sosuke stir
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 211 21
Divert - Older!Nitori x Reader {One-shot}
Nitori screwed his eyes and tied his necktie tighter, lifting his chin. You grinned in amusement as it only succeeded in slipping the knot out of place, to which he released the tie and sighed in frustration at his handsome reflection. 
"Lemme see," you said gently, pushing his hands away and setting to efficiently tie the proper knot and slide it into place. Nitori's lips squirmed and he blushed slightly, embarrassed that it did, in fact, take two people to tie a necktie. 
You stepped back to admire your handiwork, smiling and nodding in approval of your husband's becoming  appearance. He was suited up in a white button down with black pinstripes, black trousers, and a red necktie. His blue eyes were as open and expressive as ever, his eyebrows pinching together at the obvious taunt dancing in your eyes. 
"God, you look good."
Nitori's blush darkened considerably and he turned away, reaching for his suitcase. He mumbled an almost incoherent 'thank you', and you cou
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 183 19
Small Bump - Makoto x Reader {One-shot}
Mommy!Reader x Daddy!Makoto
There is a distinct scent to children you thought as a tiny fist formed over your finger, eliciting a small smile of yours. Something sweet and warm, an aroma that calmed your senses and reassured any anxieties. 
The burbling of a baby, bantering of an incessant toddler, and endless conversations in five year old language, onward. It fascinated you. Children intrigued you. They were bundles of joy, sometimes bundles of complete pains in the ass, but a blessing all the same. 
So, when you found out your womb was cradling something other than empty space, you were beyond elated. 
Makoto sat between your legs, his ear pressed to your growing belly. It had been a while since you announced the baby's growth inside of you, and your stomach now had somewhat of a bulge. His hands were warm on the sides of your belly, and you smiled happily, dousing your fingers in his soft hair. 
"We made life together," you whispered, a recurring mantra y
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 293 49
Small Bump - Sosuke x Reader {One-shot}
Your face was ashen, more than it had been earlier when you emptied your already empty stomach as you stared, open-mouthed and wide eyed, at the small plastic device cradled between your fingers.
There was no way. You had been very careful, cautious to keep yourself protected. There could have been a time you’d been too hasty with how often Sosuke and your passion extended, but that was very rarely….
Yet it was obviously enough.
You glanced down at your stomach, a strange mixture of trepidation and excitement roiling around the seed planted inside of you. The little one you were going to nurture, cherish, and love. You couldn’t imagine what Sosuke’s reaction would be. He always talked about children, but you were still early into your marriage. You wanted to enjoy having sex around the house, naked in all of your glory without being judged, honestly. You knew Sosuke loved it; so did you.
Your breath whirred in your chest, another wave of nausea bubbling at the b
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 270 17
In Love With You - Chrom x Reader {One-shot}
The crunch of gravel underfoot, warbling of overhead birds, screech of wyverns, sighs and wheezes occasionally bursting through the wanderer’s lips.
You adjusted the scabbard on your hip as you glanced upward, taking note of the sun as it barely poked the crest of mountains. The rest of your team seemed to utter an unconventional wave of tired breaths, and Chrom, with his aggravatingly outstanding stamina, turned with a questioning eye on his comrades.
“Is there something troubling you all?” He asked without stopping, lithe build happily keeping up with his mouth. 
“Oh, non,” you said sardonically, wiping a stray droplet of sweat from you hairline. “It’s not like we’re dying of fatigue from walking over twenty miles straight.”

Even Frederick nodded vigorously at your response, the armor plating his larger frame looking heavier than ever as he trumped along the dirt path.

Chrom’s brows pinched togeth
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 191 81
Broken Ice - Makoto x Reader {One-shot}
Makoto sighed when the girl's expression, diligent and bright only seconds before, glazed over as she chewed on the eraser of her pencil. He brought two fingers to his temples and traced small circles there, frustration clouting his concentration. His hand jumped back to the spiral on his desk when the teacher drew himself up, pointing to the board and spelling sleep over the class with his droning, monotonous voice. 
Class ended with the raucous announcement from the professor; Makoto had to stifle a laugh when (Name) started and immediately glanced back at him with large eyes. He tried to keep a disapproving grimace, but it crumbled into an adoring grin when she pouted her lip in retort. 
Makoto could never stay mad at (Name). There was something too captivatingly innocent about her. Even her absolute lack of concentration sent him into a bleary haze. 
"Mako, can I have your—“
She grinned in victory as he sighed and thrust the notebook at her before she cou
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 163 14
Favorite Black Hoodie - Haruka x Reader {One-shot}
There was something about Nanase Haruka you’d noticed early on, something that drew your eyes to him, made your heart do a double take, mind meandering in his wake. 
Haru looked great in black.
Whether—when you were dating in high school—it was in his Iwatobi uniform, elegant attire, or simple t-shirt, Haru managed to look more handsome in this bottomless color. The sharpness of his inhumanly beautiful looks were curbed to something more familiar. His dark hair and clothing created a vortex around his ethereal blue eyes. You could fall into his arms with the easy grace of feeling equal, his alienation cropped short with a smudged humanization.
And, strangely enough, out of all Haru’s, you preferred the one in 
his favorite black hoodie.
Haru shifted, his breath whooshing through his nose. You compensated his deflation with a content sigh, admiring the accentuation of his collarbone by his oversized hoodie. Disheveled and disoriented, he could ca
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 196 14
Morning - Makoto x Reader {One-shot}
His arms coiled around your waist; you heard him take a deep breath and relax. Was there something about your scent that drove away intrusive thoughts and worries? You knew this about him, for sure: Makoto always had a soft, warm musk about him, a fragrance that made you strive to conserve your contact with his skin. 
You didn’t even need to turn around as Makoto hugged you close from behind, his scent buried in the sheets around you and etched into your skin. The huge brunet brushed away the hair from your neck and kissed it gently. Mornings made the lithe swimmer bold; you happily complied to his half-awake whims.
“Good morning,” he slurred. You’re always surprised at how groggy Makoto is when he first wakes up. When he really gets up and moving, there’s no trace of sleep behind, so you relished this small window of time to be coddled.
“Morning, gorgeous,” you said over your shoulder, smiling when he bumped your mouth with his in a clums
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 256 29
Compel - Human! Genos x Reader {One-shot}
There was no way she didn’t see through his sham. Even Saitama, a total airhead, knew the only reason he set foot in this side of town was, specifically, to see

That little flower shop wouldn’t have caught his eye in a million years if it hadn't been so closely located to the hospital that one of his friends had be admitted in. One simple trip to buy a pick-me-up present turned into an infatuation when Genos laid eyes upon the beautiful store owner. (Full name) was an intriguing thing, smart, witty, and sweet. A woman of dignity and ingenuity. Genos knew this well enough from his frequent visits—something she couldn’t not notice the peculiarity of. You can only have so many instances in which to buy a bouquet flowers.
But that didn’t deter him. Genos was a dense man, maybe, but he knew what he wanted and had the gall to see it through. Visiting often had allowed him to gain insight on (Name) and her life. He just had to seal the
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 289 43
Fervid - Akaashi x Reader {Drabble}
He stepped in between her legs, eyes locked. Her gaze was fervid, resilient.
"That's not even what I said."
(Name) pursed her lips; she nodded and closed her eyes, clearly frustrated with the whole ordeal.
"I'm sorry," her hands trailed up Akaashi's arms, as if to soothe him along with her. "Say it."
He would've, but her tilted head, closed eyes and vacant lips were too much. He leaned in quickly, and the kiss was hot.
Akaashi took in a sharp, long breath as if it were his last, fingers digging into the back of her neck. She responded just as passionately, squeezing her thighs against his hips, roughly tugging the hair at the nape of his neck.
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 47 12




kahllie's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Literature
It's a pleasure having you here in my page! My name is Azurei Lee and I'm from the Philippines. Some people refer to me as Aire or Kon

I'm a journalist, a fanfiction writer, and your average cosplayer. I also like photography.

I hope to meet new friends with these hobbies of mine in the near future!
Hello there to anyone who's reading this! 

Last December, I already found out where I'll (probably) be studying for college. I passed my dream university! 8D 

Anyways, my Len Kagamine, ~ The Lost Memory ~ cos was my last cosplay for 2013. I also attended my country's year-ender convention, Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special. So if you saw a girl clad in white on day 2, that was probably me more or less XD

I'm not as often here in DA compared to fb, so feel free to check my page

I also made a 2013 cosplay compilation weee ~

And I also made a 2014 cosplan //flips wallet 

Well, that's pretty much about it XD

Happy New Year everyone! :)

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